Skype smileys codes

Skype smileys codes

Welcome to the complete list of all the Skype smileys codes in 2015.
Do you just love to chat using smileys on Skype?

Then there is help available. Use this site as a list of all the various smileys you can use on Skype.

What is a Skype smiley? A smiley is an English term for a little yellow icon and it’s a stylized representation of a face. It is usually shown as a yellow circle, with two black dots, representing eyes and a black arc representing the mouth. You can use the different smileys to express emotions, moods and tones in your chat. A smiley may also be referred to an emoticon (short for emotion icon).

What is Skype? Skype is a computer software program you can download for free. Skype is a VoIP phone service ( VoIP = Voice over IP) and it uses peer-to-peer technology that enables data to be sent directly between two computers. In short term – you can call other computers worldwide free of charge, if they have Skype installed. Skype is mainly used for telephony, but you can also use it for instant messenger, video calling, texting, file transfer etc

Its very simple to use the standard Skype smileys. Just add a smiley in your personal chat using either the icons above the box you type text in or copy/paste the smiley codes below in the chart.

For example, the smiley code for the Skype smiley icon “Angel”, the first icon on the image list, is (angel) or (a) or (A). Just type (angel) and the icon will appear in your text.
angel.png - Skype smileys codes
= (angel) or (a) or (A).

standard skype smileys codes

Hidden Skype Smileys

Did you know that there exist a number of hidden Skype smileys and a few secret Skype smileys to?

Use the hidden and the secret smileys to make your personal chat more fun and entertaining.

To the left, in the sidebar you can find all the hidden and secret skype smileys.

Remember to update your Skype, so you can use the latest Skype smileys codes. You can update your Skype at :

You are more than welcome to post a comment, if you have any questions or have something else in mind. All comments will be answered as soon as possible.

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