Hidden Skype smileys

Are you ready to make your chat a bit more fun with the hidden Skype smileys?

Important notice!!!!!! – Skype has released a new version, where they have added some new Hidden Skype Smileys and move some of the old hidden Skype smileys up in the standard icon box. Please notice, if you don’t have the latest version of Skype installed, the new skype smileys will not work properly. The New Hidden Skype Smileys are listed in the table below:

New Hidden Skype Smileys

The hidden Skype smileys are representing with a slightly more adult theme like smoking, mooning, drinking etc. in contrast to the standard Skype smileys. Furthermore all the hidden Skype smileys are animated – it means that the smiley makes a movement.

The special with the hidden Skype smileys are that you can’t insert a hidden smiley in your chat using the icons above the box you type text in, because the hidden Skype smileys are not added to the list. But don’t worry! skypesmileyscodes.com will help you!

The hidden Skype smileys are used in the same way as the standard smileys. Just add a hidden smiley in your chat by typing the smiley code or copy/past the smiley code and then you will see it in action. You can see all the hidden Skype smileys in the charts below.

The smiley code for the hidden Skype smiley icon “bug”, the first icon on the image list, is (bug). Just type (bug) and the icon will appear in your text.

smiley bug= (Bug)


The hidden Skype smileys codes are listet in the chart below.

For the curious who wondering over some of the secret Skype smileys and their meaning, here is a brief explanation.

priidu.png - Hidden Skype smileys= Priidu Zilmer, was Skype’s Visual Design Team leader.


Important news – some hidden skype smileys has been removed in 2015!!!!!!

Skype has released a new version where the have removed some secret Skype smileys. The hidden skype smileys there has been removed is (blackwidow), (bucky), (captain), (nickfury) and (shielddeflect) .Furthermore Skype removed the very popular shortcode (finger), (fubar), (wtf),and (hollest) due to the fact that these icons had potential to upset some skype users. These hidden skype smileys doesn’t exist no longer in the latest Skype version.

Removed Skype smileys

Secret Skype Smileys

Did you know that there exists two very secret Skype smileys?

Use the secret Skype smileys to make your personal chat a bit more fun and entertaining. To the right, in the sidebar you can find the two very secret Skype smileys.

You are more than welcome to post a comment if you have any questions. All comments will be answered as soon as possible.

161 thoughts on “Hidden Skype smileys

    • Say you want the hidden cat emoticon
      You would type: (cat)
      This is the only way to find them, and under each picture on the site it will tell you what to type in.

  1. If they are “hidden” then what’s the big deal? I have a finger but I don’t put it on full display all the time. It’s only when appropriate. Having a capability of doing something doesn’t mean that it’s bad. it’s only when you use it that it CAN be bad. I see nothing wrong with having a full list of emoticons brought back. Not sure of the reasoning behind removing supposed offensive ones. They can ALL be considered offensive in one way or another. What about that dancing monkey? Looks a little provocative to me !

  2. When will they remove (bandit) because it looks like a hijab……… Or (ninja) because it represents violence…. Or (cat) because that’s bad luck….. Or (pray) because it is offensive to atheists….. Or (bomb) because only terrorists are allowed to use them….. Or (muscle) because it might offend the fat and out of shape….. Or (poke) because it is rude to point…. Or (idea) because that would indicate free will and autonomy ……….. This is ridiculous!! Maybe they should remove :) 😀 (party) (pi) (^) (beer) (d) which symbolise happiness and enjoyment which apparently is no longer acceptable to a few skype users…….. Or (ok) because it has sexual connotations……. Where does this end?

    • You are so right. The few are taking away from the masses of people that use and like them. Just because the are there doesn’t mean you have to use them. But don’t be a stick in the mud and get them removed just because it offends you. Live and let live is my motto. These days so many people are offended by things that it’s become ridiculous.

  3. I would like to say…… through all of the complaints and criticisms, thank heaven for Skype programmers (and everyone behind these magical tiny toons). You folks make it easier to get through my work day with these emoticons!!!!!!!

  4. I’m using BlackBerry Classic, I’m able to use the emoticons before until today, when I click the icon for emoticons, they are not showing. I don’t know what’s wrong. Can anyone help me?

  5. FYI (malthe) and (tauri) doesn’t works at Skype, but displays at Skype

  6. I remember all the emoticons on MSN messenger, the ones that moved and it didn’t matter if they were words or a picture, they were awesome. If MSN Messenger is now in with Skype, why can’t Microsoft bring those back? Coz most of them were way better than all what we have in this list……………..

  7. See what happens when people complain about the sexist women icons? They remove ALL women icons, so they don’t have to worry about someone ELSE saying “Why did you remove THAT one and not THIS one?? I am offended by THIS one too!!” … now there are none. Maybe if people didn’t complain, it wouldn’t be an issue. Maybe if people start a thread complaining about the poolparty guy or the soccer guy (too much skin showing, too masculine) then they will remove ALL the MALE icons too, and we can have only safe, innocuous, generic yellow smiley faces. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • Listen i know it aint nice not to have any smiley’s but seriously i am soooo glad they removed the “finger” one it is very bad oh and i am also glad they removed the cursing ones you have to admit they were pretty awful! :O but complaining about black widow and all those “avengers” weren’t needed >:( :( and also i guess you were partly right about the complaining of people :)
      but certain ones of those smileys were just plain sick :(> and had to go

      • What I don’t get is if you’re offended by those you just don’t use them, but people like yourself that are offended have managed to get a lot of fun ones for the removed from rest of us. No different than choosing a movie and not liking the language, well you just stop watching. The emoticons are there for fun and nothing else.

  8. I would love lots more emoticons :)
    My grandchildren just love them – the ones who can’t read or write yet “talk” to me with the Skype emoticons!

  9. Some of these are really fun.
    But the only icons featuring women were sexist. Now they are gone, and there isn’t one woman featured in the icons anymore. Couldn’t the biker be a lady? Couldn’t the soccer player be a woman?

      • She meant why aren’t they girls too? She wasn’t saying they weren’t guys. And women can have beards if they want to, that’s just society’s standards of women.

        • I want there to be all the animals and all drugs and all rude things and all the movie pics in the whole in tire world there also could be fires and homes and lights and blankets and warm cloths and a pool and cool cloths.THERE COULD BE LOTS OF THINGS!!!!!

  10. good thing they removed finger, but still – when I see zilmer emoticon, I feel instantly offended, and depressed . And nobody at microsoft seems to be worried about that. ((

  11. there are some great emoticons here but the majority are very conservative. I see a list of removed ones because they could ‘potentially upset someone’. If these people can be upset by a little pic then they will just as easily be upset by any number of comments, are you going to ban certain sentences being used in skype too?

    I hope you see my point, reducing others enjoyment to satisfy the conservative is only going to result in banality. How about adding the option to block certain emoticons instead?

    • Most of the ones complaining probably aren’t conservative however but very far left SJW crowd who are pros are taking offence at anything and everything. Never give in to such people because you give an inch they take a mile.

    • Exactly some people could have fun using (finger) while others could be kids who don’t so if you feel offended then block them. I see your point. also like Steven Stone said. “Never give in to such people because you give an inch they take a mile.”

    • Isn’t that why they are “hidden” like comeon people get a life. I throw my middle finger up in traffic, dont mean they’re gonna take my license. its the internet, its uncensored. if your that worried about it then dont get on skype, or find better friends that know not to send it to you. if you’re worried about you kids, then do like my parents did, DONT ALLOW THEM ON CHAT!

  12. Hello, I would like to make a suggestion, some of the emoticons could be different or at least have, type has the sun has no more moon, has the cloud with water droplets more has no umbrella, I think it could espandir more, and be much more creative, as compared to other they move, then it would be pretty cool .. kisses

  13. Come on microsoft. How can you be more boring.?
    Stop chopping the fun off!! If posssible Plz bring back my lost (finger).
    skype is a tougher place to stay without it.
    Thakful dat you didnt remove pool party and mooning.
    Team skype should have done that too to prove how boring they are turning out to be as the days progress.

  14. It was awesome codes , it helps me express my emotions,thanks skype, we hope you will add it some more codes

  15. Bring back the (finger)! If one is sent the finger, it is most likely because they have done something to deserve it-so it should be upsetting. Removing it is a bit too much censorship for my comfort. Disappointed skype. However, I do love the sheep.

    • Its not a capital “i” from what I know. If you can find the one of the slash button thingys, one of them has a straight line. Just shift and press it.

  16. Someone knows why since Skype 7 the pencil animation disappeared when your bud is writing? I only see a static pencil…

  17. I haven’t been able to find the “2 very secret Skype smileys in the left sidebar” … a bit of guidance would be greatly appreciated? :) Thanks heaps!

  18. Yeah i think that all of the removed should be put back, as well as adding more, like for say, swimming icons, cooking icons, etc.

  19. Why are not there any Female emotions? My crew would like a woman putting out something on fire. This is what we do all day. Seriously, Skype/Microsoft needs to quit it with the sexiest crap. Please and Thank you

  20. best to use the older versions of skype, microsoft have destroyed skype with the new versions..
    (mooning) works find on older versions.

    • I don’t recommend using an old version of skype due to the disadvantages of missing features, security holes, bugs issues. etc

      • ….if u use an old version of skype, the government won’t be able to see as much as they can with the new version….

  21. Yes they removed the funniest one buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! return our fun time…

    and i have a question about this “Use the secret Skype smileys to make your personal chat a bit more fun and entertaining. To the left, in the sidebar you can find the two very secret Skype smileys.” i didn’t find it

  22. They changed because now Microsoft is running the development. I develop with Microsoft stuff, but it is a shame they get “Political” on hidden skype emoticons!

  23. The chart doesn’t show, just the code as plain text … is there a plugin missing? I ask because I found this info regarding that plaintext display:

    Please follow the instructions below:
    1) Make sure that the plugin is activated.
    2) Check the template and make sure that the content of your pages is displayed through ‘the_content()’ or ‘get_the_content()’,
    If there is no such function, the shortcode is displayed as a simple text.

    • Sorry – a updated version of a plugin was not active. The error has been eliminated and skypesmileyscodes.com is online again. :-)

  24. Really disappointed they remove the shielddeflect, that one I really liked. It really was reflective of some of the things I had to do

    • All the Captain America Skype emoticons has been removed in the latest update.
      These emoticons were only available for a limited time .

          • That’s interesting! because they’ve just put a monkey as the first smiley in the newest skype. An no, someone may use this for dancing but that movement initially means “I f*ck everyone”. And it’s the first smilie whenever I open that window and this monkey just keeps doing that in my face! I AM VERY offended! Where’s the bloody logic?! And it’s a crying shame they removed (fubar). A smilie BTW is a more polite way of expressing it than saying “you’re nuts” not like they can deny that to anyone.

  25. Can’t believe they have removed finger. What a way to remove the way of anger in skype. That was really funny. Also, cant believe they censored mooning. :(

  26. cannot believe they’ve even censored the mooning smiley. Nice of them to treat us like feeble minded children (rather than the dirty minded children we need to be to moon somebody) :-)

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