Secret Skype smileys

Secret Skype smileys

Do you want to know about the secret Skype smileys?
Then you have found the right place.

In addition to the hidden Skype smileys there are two secret Skype smileys. It requires some skills to get them to work right away but if you try a few times then you will succeed.

Cat Skype

NEW NEW NEW - Skype has added a new cat – just type (cat) or   ;3 then it will appear

The Skype cat or the disappearing cat appears by holding 3 letters down on the keyboard at the same time. Try to hold down the letters C – A – T. You can also use other letter combinations. The most important thing is that all the letters are kept down at the same time. The Skype cat icon should be interpreted as if the comment is cute.

Cat - secret skype smileys - C – A – T . Hold down the letters at the same time.

Note: When the Skype cat appears in the chat window it will disappear very quickly again.

If you have problems to get the cat to appear in Skype then watch the video below. The video explain how to create the skype cat smiley.

The disappearing hands which breaks a pencil

Unfortunately there is no picture of this skype smiley at the moment, but it will be posted soon. This secret smiley of the 2 hands there breaks a pencil will appear, when holding 6 letters on the keyboard down at the same time.

Example: try to hold the letters A – S – D – J – K – L down at the same time.

It requires some skills to get the disappearing hands which breaks a pencil to appear on your Skype chat. It is not easy, it is very difficult but after some practice you will master the technique. The hands will then appear in your Skype chat but it will disappear very quickly again. The disappearing hands which breaks a pencil icon is indicating that you is smashing your keyboard.

Note that not all letter combinations can be used for the two secret Skype smileys because keyboards and are built in different ways and therefore the Skype encoding will be interpreted differently.

If you have any questions or something else in mind just post a comment , then we will get back soon as possible.

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84 thoughts on “Secret Skype smileys

  1. we use skype to communicate in our customer service department which contains about 8 of us girls. and we chat throughout the day. it would be awesome if we had a smiley to use for some common things we say to each other. For example: taking a break brb, potty break, baby is crying brb, etc.

    • Hey F – No, you don’t need to put dashes between the letters or use parentheses. You just hold the letters CAT down for Cat and ASDJKL for the pencil. The main thing is that all the letters are kept down at the same time when you use the Secret Skype smileys. When you use the hidden Skype smileys like the (bug) – then you need to use the parentheses. Just type (bug) and the you will se a bug…

    • Hey F – When you use the Standard Skype Smileys, the Hidden Skype smileys and the Skype Flags then you need to use the parentheses. Just type (bug) and the you will se a bug…or type (bandit) and you will see a bandit…

    • Hey Sillys – it works ;-) but its not easy. Try to watch the new video and remember to update your Skype to the latest version.

    • Hello Pishta – try to update your Skype maybe it will help. I have posted a youtube video that shows how to make the cat. Try to watch it.

  2. I have gotten the cat to work. It is tough though.
    I have seen the broken pencil, but never got it to work.
    We need more secret and hidden Skype thingys!!

  3. I love these icons!!! I seem to have mastered the cat as well and the hand breaking the pencil. However, it did take me all night of trying off and on. Keep up the good work guys!

    • Hey – For the cat press C-A-T at the same time and hold it for some seconds. Then the cat will be on your skype screen for a few seconds. For the broken pencil you press A-S-D-J-K-L at the same time. You don’t have to put capslock on and you don’t have to write the – . Remember to update your Skype to the latest version.

  4. for some reason the cat emoticon appeared for me and I did nothing… I was somewhat shocked because I didn’t do anything? The cat emoticon just appeared today after typing :3 on my keyboard? Do you know what happened perhaps?

    • Yes – When you type the shortcode ;3 or (cat) then a new cat will appear and stay at your screen. The new cat is a black cat and look like this cat
      . If you press C-A-T at the same time and hold it for some seconds then a differnt cat will appear for some seconds. ;-)

      • That is what I meant but could you explain me why I am the only one who sees this cat? Other people I know don’t see the cat and thought I was going crazy?

  5. I hate the cat smiley… I just do… Is there anyway to remove it, so I can still use the other smilies? :3 is what i do very often and me and my friends are very pissed off because it annoys us when it shows up.

  6. I always get the hand breaking pencil thing accidently, but I can never make it work when I actually want to do it lol

  7. By the way.
    :3 does’nt mean CAT. It means that the comment was being cute. You know like the face some manga characters do to be cute like a cat. Once again It does’nt mean cat!

  8. Hi all,

    Actually, I cannot make the cat or the broken pencil work either by holding 3 or more keys down at the same time and it’s not the timing that’s off. I get a cat if I write (cat) or :3, but not otherwise. Which leads me to my other questions.

    I used to have the (finger) and (fubar) emoticons working on my Skype. Now they don’t. I haven’t used these emoticons in sometime but I think they stopped working after the new update. Also, I am using a Mac, but I would’ve thought it shouldn’t make a difference as they used to work. In addition, (hollest) and (wtf) aren’t showing up either.

    So, I was thinking are there other alternative codes for these emoticons apart from the words written in “( )” that might work instead? Like there is for the cat “:3″ .

    Thanks a lot. :)

    • (finger), (hollest), (fubar), (wtf) have all been removed in the new update from Skype and there is no alternative shortcodes you can use instead- sorry

  9. @ Rene: You are right, because I had no idea about the cat until a Japanese friend of mine sent it to me after commenting on something I said. So I marked the cat emoticon and pasted it into my text-field and the “:3″ came up. It was only after that when I discovered that the (cat) was also working and gave rise to the same emoticon. :)

  10. To do the breaking pencil and cat where u hold down, everyone who’s confused, hold down cattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt until it shows up, or any combination of cat. for the pencil, just hold six keys down in any order like so: jadskllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll until the broken pencil shows up.

  11. For me, any 3 (or more) letter combination that does not spell a word, usually gives the break pencil. The 3-letter combos that do spell a word (cat, dog, ash, wet) results in the cat. I know, I know…too much time on my hands. (===>>>headed back to work)

  12. Could u please create an animated nemo as a fish emo as my girlfriend loves fishes and I would to surprise her on Skype with something funny

    cheers jason

  13. The first time I found out about the cat thing, it was hilarious because my cat walked across my keyboard and just stood there. This cat appeared and I was like o.o… It was perfect XD

    • sorry – You can’t – its Skype that determines design of smileys and there is no praying smileys. You can view the complete list of all available Skype smileys on this site.

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  15. Why did the (fubar) and (finger) smileys disappear? Did someone complain or something? Because they should know, that you don’t HAVE to use them just because they are there…

    • Thanks for your comment – I have problems too – It looks like the two secret Skype smileys have been deleted by in the latest update …. I will investigate it further ………..

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