Skype flags

Skype Flags

Skype flags – Have you found your favorite Skype flags?

If not – then use the chart below to find it.

Welcome to this page where you can find a gallery with all the Skype flags. The Skype flags represent almost all countries around the world. Each flag has its own country code constructed by two letter combinations (XY)

If you want to add a Skype flag to your profile or in your chat just type the flag code.. The flag code for United States is (flag:US)

us - Skype flags = (flag:US) – United States

To insert a Danish flag then type (Flag:DK)

dk - skype flags - = (Flag:DK) – Denmark

If you take a closer look of the list of Skype flags, then you will discover that some country flags look the same as others. Many flags are similar because of the nation’s geographical location or religious beliefs. Flags from Islamic nations are using the color green to signify their religious beliefs while the British Union Jack is incorporated into many colonial flags from the British Commonwealth countries.

Even if many flag look the same as others, you will discover that the coloring, designs and emblems are a kind of fine art. By the way, did you know that red is the most popular color being found on approximately 75 % of all country flags of the world close followed by the color white with 70 %.

We hope you can use the list and find your favorite Skype flag. Remember to check the standard Skype smileys, the hidden Skype smileys and the secret Skype smileys. If you are unsure about a flag and its country code, so feel free to post a comment. All comments will be answered as soon as possible.

In the gallery below you can find the complete list of country codes for all Skype flags.

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13 thoughts on “Skype flags

  1. you have the Marshall Islands, Minor Outlying Islands, South Georgia and even Nauru (sounds made up), but you dont have Scotland ….. ??????

  2. Hi Mikael, I don’t think the Scottish National Party would agree with you :( England and the UK are not the same flag. Personally I’m happy with the Union Jack (flag:gb) or (flag:uk)

  3. And to further complicate the issue, Skype calls the Union Jack the flag of Great Britain (Scotland and England), which doesn’t have any official flag. It is the flag of the United Kingdom, which is why we see the three crosses: St George’s (Red + on white, for England), St. Andrew’s (White x on blue, for Scotland) and St. Patrick’s (Red x on white, for Northern Ireland).

    I too would love to see the flag that will be flown by the English National Football Team at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil. (suggestion… flag:EN)

  4. Um… wat about the Aussie flag?
    i mean there are a lot of aussies who use skype…

  5. (flag:au) for Australia. The countries are in alphabetical order – Australia is near the top.

    Wales’ flag is the best[citation needed] as it has a dragon on it.

  6. Why no Welsh,Northern Irish, English and Scottish flags??? Some of us don’t want to use the UK flag but the flag of our country

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