Secret Skype smileys

Do you want to know about the secret Skype smileys?
Then you have found the right place.

In addition to the hidden Skype smileys there are two secret Skype smileys. It requires some skills to get them to work right away but if you try a few times then you will succeed.

Important notice – The two Secret Skype smileys has been removed in 2015!!!!!!


Skype Cat

The Skype cat or the disappearing cat appears by holding 3 letters down on the keyboard at the same time. Try to hold down the letters C – A – T. You can also use other letter combinations. The most important thing is that all the letters are kept down at the same time. The Skype cat icon indicates that some of your letters on your keyboard are being held down as if a cat was walking on your keyboard.

skypecat - secret skype smileys= C – A – T . Hold down the letters at the same time.
Note: When the Skype cat appears in the chat window it will disappear very quickly again.
If you have problems to get the cat to appear in Skype then watch the video below. The video explain how to create the skype cat smiley.

The disappearing hands which breaks a pencil

Unfortunately there is no picture of this skype smiley at the moment, but it will be posted soon. This secret smiley of the 2 hands there breaks a pencil will appear, when holding 6 letters on the keyboard down at the same time.

Example: try to hold the letters A – S – D – J – K – L down at the same time.
It requires some skills to get the disappearing hands which breaks a pencil to appear on your Skype chat. It is not easy, it is very difficult but after some practice you will master the technique. The hands will then appear in your Skype chat but it will disappear very quickly again. The disappearing hands which breaks a pencil icon is indicating that you is smashing your keyboard.

Note that not all letter combinations can be used for the two secret Skype smileys because keyboards and are built in different ways and therefore the Skype encoding will be interpreted differently.

If you have any questions or something else in mind just post a comment , then we will get back soon as possible.

6 thoughts on “Secret Skype smileys

  1. Taylor

    Cant get the breaking pencil it never works so annoyed it always comes out like this daskjldaskjldsakjlkjadsldaskjladskjladskjljdkasldjksaldjsakldjaskldaskjldskajldjksaljdlaskj

  2. Judy

    The cat doesn’t work, whenever I do it it ends up like this tcacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacaca and I press for a super long time but a cat doesn’t appear. For the pencil and hands, I keep getting lkjdsa every time =(
    Just rlly wanna know how to do the cat. I watched the vid, but it’s still not working.

  3. El

    I just want some new funky emoticons like the dancing monkey that made my day and one that we can send to reeeeeaaaaallllllyyy dumb people I would love to have the finger back. :)


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